How to pay a loan without commission

A distinctive feature of cooperation with Bank is a special comfort of service. Despite the lack of offices and representative offices, it is quite easy to get a credit card, and knowing how to pay the card, customers redeem a loan using optimally suitable options. The bank has an extensive client base of lending throughout Russia, delivering the cards as soon as possible to any corner of it.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

After receiving the plastic and the use of borrowed funds, the question arises how to pay the loan. The bank has provided many options for making funds on the card:

  1. Through the terminal set by another credit institution.
  2. In retail networks.
  3. Bank transfer.
  4. Non-cash transfer through online payment systems.
  5. In any post offices.
  6. Through the terminals of various payment systems.

For any question regarding payment by credit card, as well as in case of difficulties, how to pay a loan, it is recommended to call the bank’s integrated service. The specialist will answer your questions, as well as tell you how to repay the loan.



A convenient way to repay the monthly installment is cash deposit through payment devices (Eleksnet, Quick-Pay, Amigo). Many customers use the convenient payment system (terminals are installed even at public transport stops).

By following a simple algorithm, you can pay off the debt on the Bank card as soon as possible:

  1. In the terminal choose the section of repayment of loans.
  2. Among the list of banks that accept payments through the terminals, find the desired bank.
  3. Bank can be found on the number of BIC, consisting of 9 digits.
  4. The screen will display a calculator that will help you calculate the amount of the transfer fee.
  5. The amount of commission is not included in the payment amount, therefore, transferring funds to pay for the loan, you must make a slightly larger amount: 50 rubles, or 1.6% of the amount of the payment.
  6. Next, the borrower enters a combination of numbers according to the bank account number or card number.
  7. The cell of additional fields is filled with information about the payer (his personal data).
  8. Next, make bills in the amount of the monthly payment, taking into account the commission and confirm the fact of payment.

It should be noted that the first installment will require entering a PIN (specified in the incoming SMS message) to confirm the transaction. Further, the client can pay the loan in Tinkoff, entering his office.

When making payment in this way, the payer of the loan must remember that there are certain restrictions on the amount of the transfer. If a loan is taken for a small amount, problems with crediting funds will not arise. If the payment on the card exceeds 15 thousand rubles, it is necessary to deposit funds with two or more payments (so that a one-time transfer does not exceed 15 thousand). There is also a weekly limit – up to 600 thousand rubles.

The advantage of this method is the instant transfer of funds. In some cases, payment is a maximum of 1 day.

At the post office

At the post office


Convenient payment method – via mail. If a client often visits the office at his place of residence or work, it is easy to repay the loan: it is enough to take a passport and a receipt with you to the post office (you will receive it by email first) The receipt must contain fields with personal information about the payer and the amount of payment.

In some cases, a receipt can not be received by e-mail. In this case, you can pay the loan, using the usual form of transfer, specifying the required details when filling out.

This method of payment for a loan without commission has its pros and cons. The positive aspects of payment through mail include the availability of branches throughout the country and in any city, as well as the absence of additional costs for transfer services. However, there are limitations that do not allow for urgent replenishment for large sums: the maximum amount of transfer on loan is no more than half a million, and it can take up to 2 days to transfer funds. True, Russian Post often processes and credits funds only 1 hour after the transfer.

Transfer through another bank

Transfer through another bank


Payment of the card fee at a branch of another bank is possible if there are transfer details:

  1. NNN Bank.
  2. Bank details card.
  3. Information about the loan agreement.

When making a deposit you will need to show a civil passport and pay a commission.

Repayment of the loan with the help of third-party banks attracts many borrowers due to the convenient location of payment sites. When making a transfer of funds, you need to take into account that the funds are not immediately credited to the account. It is better to pay the loan 2-5 days before the due date.

Depositing funds through salons of communication, retail networks

Depositing funds through salons of communication, retail networks

Without a commission and with instant crediting, they will serve the loan of a client of Bank in the shops of Beeline, Ion mobile operators, as well as Svyaznoy, Euroset retail chains, etc. When transferring up to 15 thousand rubles from the payer does not need to show a passport. Each of the networks has its own limits for 1 operation. Since it is easy to find points of contact, there will be no problems with the repayment of the loan.

Internet payment

Internet payment


If the previous methods mostly required possession of a certain amount of cash, then using Internet banking, payment is made directly from home. Payment for a loan via the Internet is possible:

  • from the personal account of a third-party bank;
  • with a debit card without commission.

Payment order is formed using the details. The advantage of this method is the round-the-clock ability to pay by credit card.

It should be borne in mind that the deadline for depositing may be more than 1 day. Another disadvantage is the need to pay the commission (0.3-1.0% of the enumeration value).

When receiving a credit card, you can not worry about how to pay a credit card in a bank. The list of bank partners that are ready to provide the service of transferring funds to the card is quite wide. It remains only to choose the most convenient option: using cash or cashless method.

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